• Solodibruna™ Parmesan over 30 Months

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      In this seasoning Parmesan cheese is richer in nutrients, more dry, crumbly and grainy.

      The taste strong but balanced with an intense and persistent aroma, reveals notes of spices and dried fruit.

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    It pairs beautifully with red wines of great structure and body, white wines and meditation dessert wines. It is fully appreciated by tasting flaked or grated to enhance the flavors of your more sophisticated and traditional dishes.

    Excellent with honey, fruit compotes and traditional vinegar of Modena or Reggio Emilia.



    Whole Wheel About 40 Kg
    Half Wheel About 20 Kg
    1/4 of Wheel About 10 Kg
    1/8 of Wheel About 5 Kg
    2 Kg Piece About 2 Kg
    1,5 Kg Piece About 1,5 Kg
    1 Kg Piece About  1 Kg

    1 Kg Piece, 1,5 Kg Piece, 2 Kg Piece, 1/8 of Wheel, 1/4 of Wheel, Half Wheel, Whole Wheel