• Solodibruna™ Parmesan over 24 Months

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      At this stage of maturation Parmigiano Reggiano has reached the optimal age to be tasted: expresses to nose and palate a richness of odors and flavors in perfect balance and harmony.

      The flavor evolves into a balance of sweet and savory and the cheese is completely soluble, crumbly and grainy. They make their presence tyrosine crystals, reflecting the high degree of proteolysis, which attests the high degree of digestibility achieved by the product.

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    The 24 months matured parmesan can be combined to more structured red wines.

    Perfect alone for aperitifs and snacks, great if accompanied with fruit, nuts, honey. It matches perfectly to most first courses, soups and creames, both grated than into petals, excellent in preparing main courses (meat or fish carpaccio).



    Whole Wheel About 40 Kg
    Half Wheel About 20 Kg
    1/4 of Wheel About 10 Kg
    1/8 of Wheel About 5 Kg
    2 Kg Piece About 2 Kg
    1,5 Kg Piece About 1,5 Kg

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