• Solodibruna™ Parmesan over 14 Months

    • 14-ENG
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      It has an accentuated lactic basis (milk, yogurt, butter) although not necessarily intense accompanied by vegetal notes such as grass, flowers and fruit. The cheese is sweet and savory at the same time. The granularity, friability and solubility are beginning to be evident.

      From the twelfth month of maturation is possible to call the forms, if appropriate, with the name of Parmigiano Reggiano.

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    Is ideal for an aperitif. Offer it to your guests accompanied by dry white wines and fresh fruit such as pears, grapes and strawberries. Or raw vegetables such as celery and sweet cherry tomatoes. To emphasize its delicate flavor, is delicious with fruit compote not too spicy, such as kiwi, apricot and melon.



    Whole Wheel About 40 Kg
    Half Wheel About 20 Kg
    1/4 of Wheel About 10 Kg
    1/8 of Wheel About 5 Kg
    2 Kg Piece About 2 Kg
    1,5 Kg Piece About 1,5 Kg
    1 Kg Piece About  1 Kg

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