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Why choose “Solabruna” Parmigiano Reggiano by VALSERENA?

As member of the Solabruna Consortium, we guarantee full traceability of our cheese, as evidenced by the inscription in bas-relief on the plate of the form that is stamped on the product on the first day of production; our name tells the whole supply chain, the origin of the calves which then became cows, the fodder crops in our fields, the production, the harvesting, the processing of the milk in our Parmigiano.

Solabruna” Parmigiano Reggiano by VALSERENA , born in a company where everyone undertakes, each in his area of competence, to ensure that the end result is the best possible.

We work trying to give our cows the best comfort possible; if treated well, they pay off producing a delicious milk.

Our animals are all born in the farm, often a heifer finds herself not only with her mother but also with her grandmother and great-grandmother.

The power supply is made in a traditional way , not with the main dish but with different types of hay from the farm and disjointed feed; this brings a clear straw color into the cheese.

The expertise and passion of our cheesemaker Lal Madan allows to enhance the organoleptic specificity of our milk , by balancing with great harmony the fat and casein in a blend of sweet and savory that you should absolutely try!